Ditching procedure

Following our discussion on air, here are some interesting videos that show the reality of being submerged in a vehicle, how it sinks and some very valuable advice on how to get out.

Memory items 80.03

Memory items 80.03

This useful video also shows the correct drill established by actual practice and even demonstrates the ResQMe tool in action. It’s interesting to note how quickly you have to act especially as this is a scenario likely to have taken you by surprise. Well worth rehearsing on dry land.

This is also worth watching if only to see how much more effective it is to get out of the car as soon as you can via the windows.  http://youtu.be/rdqrduxK9To

and this:  http://youtu.be/2YaMEW30bv4

Now this is all very well being lowered gently into water in a controlled fashion but what if you go off a bridge or anything other than a nice gentle ramp? http://youtu.be/q3_HEKMgqbE

Yup – have a tool to break the windows!

ResQMe tool  resqme.com

ResQMe tool

Keep breathing folks.


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